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adopt a horse from FingerLakesSPCA
Horse Adoption

Our equine adoption process is in place to assure that all horses are properly matched to caring, competent and long-term homes.  We encourage people to take their time when considering adopting a horse.  The cost of caring for a single horse is a minimum (emergencies excluded) of $2,500 a year.  Horses can live to be thirty years or more and to care for them properly requires special knowledge and usually practical care experience.  An adopter has to have this knowledge and experience or has to know how to seek it out, apply it and rely on other more experienced horse people for support and assistance.  Depending on the facilities, support help, equipment you have and other factors (such as a horse’s individual training level, etc.) taking care of an equine can also be labor intensive.  Day-to-day care could require mucking out stalls, picking feet, carrying grain, water and supplies, providing hay, medicating an ill horse, moving and handling, etc.  It is a big commitment.   

For all your question about "Adopting a horse through the Finger Lakes SPCA" read the Equine Adoption Process Document.

And if you are interested in adopting one of our horses, please fill out the Equine Adoption Application and review the Equine Adoption Agreement.