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These services are provided only as resources permit.

The goal is to prevent cruelty for “at risk” animals. Law enforcement, social services and good Samaritans provide referrals of persons struggling to provide care for their pets (may include animal hoarders), but do not seem to fall into violation of animal cruelty laws. These individuals usually have structural barriers (e.g. mental and/or physical health issues, no transportation, etc.) that prevent them from accessing help and pet assistance programs on their own.

Some of the assistance which may be provided as resources permit:

  1. Gratis or reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries.
  2. Help rounding-up and transporting animals to pet assistance clinics.
  3. Assistance in identifying any sick or injured animals. And, we prioritize assisting these animals to get needed medical care.
  4. Personalized education to clients about herd health and proper care of animals.
  5. Encouragement to release some animals to ours or other area shelters to help reduce numbers.
  6. Coordination, placement and transport to area shelters.
  7. Temporary food support until their population is stabilized.
  8. Assistance in connecting to other services if necessary e.g. social services.
  9. Provide donated shelters for feral cats.

Pet Food Assistance (As resources permit and by appointment)

There are a number of circumstances in which an owner would need to relinquish their pet – one of them being inability to afford proper food for their canine or feline friend. Excess shelter food donations are used to help pets of struggling community members. Instead of this food being wasted and thrown out, it goes to help feed needy and hungry cats and dogs in our area.

These services/program were inspired by an ASPCA outreach program –