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Welcome to the Finger Lakes SPCA

The Finger Lakes SPCA is our region's source for companion-animal supportive care services and humane education. Check out the animals in our care that make great family companions.

We still have a long ways to go before the new shelter is complete, but we are making amazing progress!!

Building Project Making Progress


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"We" feel so much better
and have found loving homes, THANK YOU!!!

"Oscar" is a gentle Shar Pei mix with a silly side. He was admitted with many ribs showing and significant hair loss. With TLC, deworming, groceries and medical care, "Oscar" is now a healthy weight and has a full, shiny coat. He also has recently undergone a surgery for Entropion, so his eyelids will no longer rub against his corneas and cause irritation to his eyes. He is happygo-lucky and healing well.

Sweet "Stella" was found by a good Samaritan hiding out amid a construction project in Corning. She was thin, cold and had trauma to her front left leg, which was painful and left her without the use of the leg. "Stella" has thrived at our FLSPCA with warm shelter, regular meals, TLC and greatly needed medical care. She recently underwent an amputation surgery to rid her of chronic pain, and she is recovering well. "Stella" has quickly acclimated to having just 3 limbs and is clearly happy to feel better.

Dear Friends,

It's that time of the year again when we ask you to make a commitment to the needy animals and the programs of the Finger Lakes SPCA by becoming a Guardian Angel. It is essential that we have a constant flow of donations to support our animal friends in need and humane programs all year round. Every day, we are called upon and do our best to make a positive difference in as many lives as we are able. Frequently, this means helping orphaned and abused animals by admitting them into our shelter for care while they wait for their forever homes. Just as frequently, this means helping human beings by providing program assistance, therapeutic volunteer opportunities, humane education and/or a referral to support the human-companion animal bond.

These good works that save lives, reduce suffering and make our community kinder and safer are not reported on daily in the news, but they, in fact, happen every single day at the FLSPCA. Predictable revenues are vital to help ensure humane program stability and dependable standards of animal care throughout the whole year for as many animals as possible. The difficult and demanding job of speaking and caring for those who cannot speak for themselves is an every day job - that is simply not possible without you! Please, won't you consider becoming a Guardian Angel to lend a hand all year round? If you would prefer not to make a monthly commitment, a one-time donation of any amount will still help so much!


Vicki S. Mosgrove

Executive Director

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News and Updates

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2015 Project Catnip coming March through June

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2015 Training Classes start in the spring!

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Why Should You Adopt From an Animal Shelter?

"Animal shelters are your best source when looking for a pet. Not only do they have a great selection of adult animals for adoption, but they also have kittens and puppies, even purebred animals. In fact, on average, purebreds account for about 25% to 30% of a shelter's dog population... [more]"
- The Humane Society of the United States