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In 2022, we have been inundated rescuing and caring for hundreds of animals from multiple emergencies. Many were from animal cruelty cases and were sick or injured requiring immediate veterinary care. Many had little socialization and needed extra time and patience to rehabilitate them for adoption. Some were left homeless when their person passed away, became significantly ill or had to move. Numerous others were the offspring of community cats who needed critical care for life threatening parasite burdens, malnourishment, dehydration, respiratory infections and/or trauma injuries. We are currently at max capacity and our resources are fully stretched with providing care for ~80 cats, 33 kittens, 21 dogs, 6 horses, 1 pony, 7 potbellied pigs, 12 rabbits, and a gaggle of chickens and ducks.

Expenses for cleaning, food and medical supplies (like vaccines, parasite control, antibiotics, pain medicine, etc.) veterinary care and added staff time for daily animal care have skyrocketed.

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal - Holly

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal – Holly

Sweet Holly is an animal cruelty survivor. She was emaciated upon intake to our shelter, and her owners were charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Holly was a recent mother to pups and sadly was suffering from extreme malnutrition. She was provided with veterinary assessment and ongoing monitoring, as she was carefully reintroduced to nourishing food. Holly survived starvation, has been returned to a healthy weight and is thriving at FLSPCA! She has received her routine vaccines and is being doted upon by shelter staff until formal word is received from the court she may be rehomed.

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal - Trixie

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal – Trixie

Meet Trixie, this tiny feral kitten came to us just barely weaned and weak. She was living dangerously close to a busy road and was suffering from a life threatening flea infestation. A shelter volunteer ambulanced this vulnerable baby to FLSPCA. Trixie received a veterinary intake exam, critical medical treatment, kitten milk replacer, canned food, warming disc and lots of TLC. Once feeling better, this little one was also provided with her 1st vaccine, dewormed and was placed with a foster family until ready for adoption. Today, Trixie is happy and healthy and ready for a loving home!

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal

Finger Lakes SPCA Emergency Animal Care Appeal

Dear Friends,

I’m writing today to ask you to consider giving a financial gift to help us to provide care for animals who desperately need our help – animals like “Holly” and “Trixie”. “Holly” and “Trixie” are just two of our over nearly 150 vulnerable animals that need your continued support and care today.

Imagine being homeless, sick or injured and not being able to speak to obtain help. Thankfully, for our animal friends, there are wonderful people like you who see and empathize when animals are in need of a helping hand. SPCAs were formed to help protect animals and many (like our SPCA) are sustained primarily by private giving.

Additionally, caring individuals and groups working together are crucial ingredients to prevent animal suffering and to save lives: No man or shelter is an island! Without the support and collaboration of our veterinary community, local shelters and rescue groups, numerous volunteers and concerned citizens, so many animals would continue to suffer in isolation.

From the person who helps to ensure a stray or injured animal receives care, to the rescue group that works with another to share their networks and resources, to the veterinary practice that donates their services, to the shelter volunteer who supports in any way she/he can, to the shelter staff person who always goes above and beyond, to the person who adopts from a shelter, etc. – all are a part of a life-saving synergy. It takes a community working together to effectively tackle the difficult and demanding job of speaking and caring for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Your gift will help provide shelter, nourishing food, medical care and will help support programs that prevent animal cruelty, overpopulation and homelessness. Like most animal shelters, ours is almost always filled to capacity, and there are always more animals in need of services. 2022 has been especially hard with a record number of intakes of vulnerable animals who had nowhere else to turn in their time of need. We are able to provide critical care because of your significant kindness and financial support. Without your ongoing compassion and spirit of charity, animals like “Holly” and “Trixie” may continue to suffer in silence and have no hope. Your gift today WILL MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE for an animal friend. Remember, a gift of any size helps.


Vicki S. Mosgrove, Executive Director &
FLSPCA Board of Directors

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