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FLSPCA Project Catnip 2020

Dear Friends,


Spring is upon us, which means flowers are blooming, songbirds are singing and sunny days are ahead. Spring also marks the beginning of kitten season in our area. It is no coincidence that this time of year also coincides with the start-up of one of our most important humane programs. In March, at the River’s Edge Farm, we officially kick off our 21st season of Project Catnip. Since the inception of this MASH-type, low cost feline spay/neuter program, nearly 6,300 area felines have been sterilized.


This program has been typically held one weekend each month, from April to October/November. The spay/neuter clinics are high volume, with as many as fifty cats being altered in one session. In addition, all felines that participate in this program are vaccinated for rabies. These surgeries are provided to financially struggling community members who care for one or more feline friends and, whenever possible, to Good Samaritans working to help improve the lives of needy cats in our area.


Project Catnip was established because spaying/neutering is a critical tool in ending animal overpopulation in a humane and cost-effective manner. Additionally, quite some time ago, our shelter instituted a policy of “neuter before adoption” which is meant to ensure our orphan animal friends are spayed/neutered prior to being placed back into our community. Some of our local veterinarians and the FLSPCA subsidize a portion of the cost of these important surgeries. Moreover, the Finger Lakes SPCA continues to offer spay/neuter services to assist feral cats in our county. This past year, we helped to provide TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate & Return) services for ~100 feral felines. In 2020, we plan to continue to provide this vital assistance to community cat populations.


These services, along with our ongoing care for sheltered animals, adoptions, the humane education program, emergency outreach and canine training programs, help reduce companion animal overpopulation, alleviate animal suffering, prevent animal cruelty, save lives and diminish public rabies threats in our area. Because the Finger Lakes SPCA is primarily funded by private giving, your contribution of any size will help to make these essential services possible! We hope you will consider donating today to help with the cost of the ongoing care of our homeless friends and the wealth of other important services the Finger Lakes SPCA provides to our community.




Vicki S. Mosgrove, Executive Director


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