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Finger Lakes SPCA | August Appeal 2020

Finger Lakes SPCA | August Appeal 2020

Dear Friends,

Finger Lakes SPCA | August Appeal 2020

Finger Lakes SPCA | August Appeal 2020

In the summer months, our donations decline, yet the demand and need for our animal shelter services and humane programs increase dramatically. During this time of year, our shleter, like most others across the U.S., is overburndened with homeless animals in need of care. Kitten season starts in spring and lasts well into the fall. We see an influx of litters and more animals in need of medical care for summer related health issues. We are called upon to help more strays and animal accident victims. And, like all of us, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected our lives, and it is compounding our operational burdens at an already very difficult time of year.

Summer at the Finger Lakes SPCA means more animals, more good works, more bills and more worries. Yet, we have fewer resources available to meet these amplified demands. Our means are stretched to the limit as we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of countless animal friends and our community. Besides animal food and supplies, medical costs go up significantly at our shelter during the summer months. It is a very challenging time of year for our organization.

And, so we turn to you for help. We can only keep our doors open and be prepared for emergency situations like this with the help of dedicated supporters like you. On behalf of the animals, we would like to ask you to please consider giving a gift at this critical time to help out with the increased operational load that summer brings. Our four-legged friends find hope & help, all throughout the year, because of the generosity & compassion of people like you. Your continuing support makes this humane and frequently lifesaving work possible! Please won’t you give an urgent gift today to help us to remain prepared and maintain our ability to help vulnerable animals who depend on us?


Vicki S. Mosgrove, Executive Director &
FLSPCA Board of Directors

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