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Finger Lakes SPCA Bath NY | We speak for those that can't speak for themselves

To the best of our ability and as resources permit, FLSPCA responds to animal safety incidents and animal cruelty case scenes when called upon by area law enforcement. With funding support of Steuben County, we provide help with rescue strategy and/or rescue response. When we receive public reports of an animal in a life-threatening situation with nowhere else to turn, we provide aid as we are able.

If you suspect cruelty, please call 911. Cases always begin with law enforcement, not with us.

Please do not bring in animals for potential admission without calling us first. Please understand that we cannot always take such animals as we are frequently at or above capacity. We will always give you information regarding other places that may take them.

Stray dogs should first be reported to your town Dog Control Office (DCO). A current list of these is available here: