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CANINE TRAINING: Our agency’s goal is not only to help companion animals get adopted, but also to help keep animals in their homes, preventing them from becoming homeless in the first place. This program works to help support and strengthen the human-companion animal bond making happier lives for both animals and people. Classes help humans to communicate more effectively with their canine companions and offer socialization and exercise opportunities for both.  We provide a venue and a variety of obedience, socialization and fun class selections.  Our classes are based on an understanding of how animals learn and incorporate kindness and respect for both the animal and guardian. Classes are typically held from May to October. Our goal is to provide training that will overcome canine behavioral problems that might otherwise cause an owner to relinquish their pet.

Many dogs lose their happy homes because of behavior problems. Early training classes are invaluable tools for creating a loving bond built on mutual respect and understanding. Classes offered through the FLSPCA are taught by instructors who use positive, reward-based methods, are open to all ages of dogs and people, and are tailored to fit individual needs

FLSPCA Dog Training Classes May 2024

FLSPCA Dog Training Classes May 2024

FLSPCA Dog Training Classes May 2024

FLSPCA Dog Training Classes Signup Classes Begin May 9, 2024

FLSPCA Dog Training

FLSPCA Dog Training Agility 2023

FLSPCA Dog Training Agility 2024

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