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Cane Corsos Available for Adoption

The Finger Lakes SPCA has seven Cane Corso’s (aka Italian Mastiffs) available for adoption or transfer to a large breed rescue facility. The dogs were part of an animal cruelty case and we have been holding them for law enforcement in our shelter since February 2023. Ownership was just recently granted us. At the time of the seizure, six of the dogs we now have were two week-old puppies. We cannot guarantee their lineage. The adult is a female, and the younger dog is a male. All have been spayed or neutered. The puppies came with their tails docked, but their ears are left intact.

For those considering adoption, our application form is required, click here to print. Application approval is required before you meet any of our dogs. Questions can be answered by calling 607-776-3039. Rescue organizations should call Michael at 607-622-5363. Business hours are Mon—Wed, 11am—4pm; Fri & Sat, 11am—4pm.

Cane Corsos available for adoption at Finger Lakes SPCA, Danica and Greyson

FLSPCA Cane Corsos available for adoption