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Special Announcement

FLSPCA | Sparrow and Sweetie Pie

FLSPCA | Sparrow and Sweetie Pie

Dear Friends,


In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and in-line with our local and state officials’ recommendations for social distancing, Finger Lakes SPCA has made the following adjustments to our operations for the immediate future and until further notice.


Animal adoptions and animal intakes will be by appointments.


If you need to surrender an animal or have interest in adopting a specific animal, please call us at 607-776-3039 first for an appointment. Appointments will be scheduled between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm on Mon, Tue, Wed. Fri. and Sat.


If you are looking to see what wonderful animals we have available, please check our website: and continue to follow our Facebook page!
While we appreciate our community’s support and visitation, we are asking for your help in limiting the number of people coming through our doors in the immediate future. We are requesting that all recreational visitors to the shelter and shop visitors (shop is closed) stay home until we receive further guidance from government officials regarding COVID 19.


As always, to report animal cruelty in Steuben County or if you have other emergencies, call 911.


We will keep you updated as to any other changes to program or event scheduling. Thank you for our cooperation and support.


Vicki Mosgrove, E.D.

Help Find Sage a Furever Home

FLSPCA | Help Find Sage a Furever Home

FLSPCA | Help Find Sage a Furever Home

We need your help on behalf of our little cutie girl, Sage. She has been with us “5 Years”!!! Our shelter has been her home!!! She was trapped outside our 72 Cameron Street location as a stray. She was frightened, not very well socialized at that time, and she was never claimed. Given the benefit of a great deal of time and ongoing positive interactions with people, Sage really has blossomed. She is still a quiet and demure lady who needs time to feel safe with someone new, but she has come such a long ways in her comfort with meeting people and making friends. For a while now, we have been seeing her greet and show patient new visitors she is interested in finding a home. We are so proud of her. She has many friends at the shelter who love and care about her, but would be even happier to see her find her very own special home and human dedicated to loving and caring for her!!! And, even though she has made such great progress in her social skills with people and has tried her hardest for so long to get chosen for adoption, she often is overlooked for more extroverted cats who immediately approach strangers and like to be picked up and who have more colorful coats or markings. Yes, Sage is a black kitty who is shy and not crazy about being picked up. But, make no mistake, she loves and establishes friendly close bonds with her people. In fact, she is so sweet and endearing, she has all the shelter staff wrapped around her tiny little paws. Everyone is closely attached to her. We all love her so much that we want to see her find her just right for her home. Sage would be best matched to a quiet and patient home with a cat experienced and loving human(s). Other compatible cats would be fine, and a cat friendly dog may be okay too.
Sage is ~8 years-old, already spayed and has up to date vaccinations. She also has a sponsor who has agreed to cover her adoption fee for a compatible forever home!
If Sage sounds like she could be a good fit for you and you have room in your heart and home, won’t you please consider her for adoption!!!! Unable to adopt, but want to help her, please share this post like crazy!
For more information and to confirm her continued adoption availability before a visit, please call 607-776-3039 (11 am to 4 pm except on athusdsy and Sunday when we are closed. The shelter is located on 72 Cameron Street in Bath, NY. Applications are best submitted in person. They can be obtained at our shelter or on our website.

Finger Lakes SPCA Barn Cat Program



Our barn cat program reaches out to those with a working barn or safe, heated outbuilding. Having a barn cat or cats will help keep down the rodent population. The cats will be helping the property owner, while the property owner provides the cats with a safe place to live. And, because these cats are already spayed/neutered, the property owner won’t have to worry about endless litters of kittens appearing! They are also rabies vaccinated.


What you’ll need:


  • Shelter in barns, buildings, or stables
  • Daily food and water – cats cannot live on mousing alone
  • Long-term veterinary care, as needed (they’re neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption)
  • A secure place to keep them for the first 2-3 weeks, while they acclimate to the barn. This can be a tack room, or any secure indoor enclosure that they cannot escape from. (The shelter will lend you an introduction crate and temporary housing supplies if needed.)

FLSPCA currently has a number of cats who cannot live as house pets. Cats in our barn cat program fall into these categories:


  • Cats who are just too independent to appreciate being cooped up in cages in the shelter.
  • Cats who are shy/fearful of people, and prefer the company of other cats and animals.
  • Cats whose litterbox habits make them unsuitable for house pets.

Please note: We do not adopt cats who are suitable to be house pets to barns, only cats without other options.


We prefer to adopt cats in this program in pairs. A nominal adoption fee of forty dollars for two cats helps us recover some of the expense for medical care provided.


Barn cat homes are reviewed for their ability to help provide for the ongoing basic needs and reasonable safety of the cats. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO HELP US SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS PROGRAM.


Call 607-622-5363 to learn more about participating cats or visit our 72 Cameron St. location in Bath between 11 and 4 p.m. except (closed Thursday and Sunday).